Explore The Shawshank Trail

two people in front of the Ohio State Reformatory

As you journey through the heart of Ohio, we invite you to step into the frames of the beloved film, The Shawshank Redemption, along the 14 authentic filming locations of The Shawshank Trail. Here, you can trail the footsteps of Andy and Red, soaking in the same surroundings they once did. Embrace the lingering hope that Andy so tactfully spread as you wander the hallowed halls of the legendary Shawshank Prison. Follow the same path that Red trekked in the film.

There, on the roads of Ohio, the magic of the movie comes to life under your feet. You’ve had the joy of being an audience to Andy and Red’s heartwarming camaraderie; now it’s time to mold your own adventure inspired by their shared journey.

But don’t let your love for The Shawshank Redemption dim when the credits roll. Extend the essence of your cinematic journey with a stay at Quality Inn. Conveniently situated within the radius of this film-inspired trail, we wait with open arms to welcome you to our cozy, home-away-from-home accommodations.

Just like Shawshank was a beacon of hope for Andy, let Quality Inn be your beacon of comfort and relaxation. Replete with heartfelt hospitality combined with conveniences, Quality Inn is the perfect place to unwind and recap your Shawshank Trail adventures. As you gather around sharing stories, you’ll find our surroundings reminiscent of Bellville’s inviting charm— another chapter in your journey that’s every bit as momentous as your movie-inspired escapades.

No adventure is truly over until the tales are shared, deliberated upon, and tucked away in memory. At Quality Inn, we provide the perfect backdrop for these story-telling sessions, ensuring your love for The Shawshank Redemption– and your adventures along its trail– don’t end when the movie does.

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